About the Artist/Designer

In Utero | Acrylic on Canvas

arteColomé | Jacqueline Colomé
b. 1981 – Miami, Florida

Jacqueline Colomé was born and raised in Miami, Florida where her passion for art began at a young age. Since early childhood she was captivated by art and music as she began her first creative movements with ink and paper; while also taking up the alto-saxophone, violin, and guitar through her school’s fine arts programs. She was raised with her grandparents, who strongly influenced the connection to her Cuban roots, and it is the contrast of the beautiful sunny beaches and the diversity in Miami’s Hispanic dominated culture that laid the foundation for most of the inspiration in her work.

Colomé is a self-taught artist who began drawing with graphite and ink on paper. Her inspiration began with the interest for the feminine curves found in tribal tattoo designs and thus began to adapt this into a style of her own. Several years later, for the first time she decided to experiment with oil and acrylic paints, and it was then that she discovered a profound connection with her emotions and channeled them through the use of color along with the energy of her brushstrokes. She incorporates some of the design elements from her previous work into a new dimension of abstract surrealism that pops with its vivid colors and textures.

Most recently, she started working on an upcycled art project that involves the creation of handmade lamps from premium liquor bottles that would otherwise be thrown away and not recycled. She has implemented her experience with abstract painting and has transformed her creativity into lighting design ideas with her gorgeous one-of-a-kind handmade lamps.

Today, Colomé’s work consists of a collection that ranges from bold and whimsical to sleek and contemporary works using various mediums. She brings self-interpreted energy and emotions to her paintings through a unique balance of color, composition and texture. Her work is exhibited at Uncommon Gallery in Fort Lauderdale and at various pop-up group shows throughout Miami’s art scene.